Thursday, December 30, 2010

The author of this blog would like to claim the ownership of the below described concept as an original idea. Any patents submitted after this date, December 31, 2010, of a similar idea or mechanism or method or design would be obsolete because I have claimed it first and published in a public accessible media.

Automatic and Intelligent Device Initialization and Customization.
Automatic and Intelligent Uploading.
Automatic and Intelligent Synchronizing between a new device and an old device.

Consider a new electronic device, call it device A, either a mobile phone, personal computer, or a tablet device. A method to synchronize the information stored on an older device will be able to allow device A to ask for all information, for example contact list, wallpaper, ring tones, stored music and movies, photographs taken, personal documents, web browsing favorites etc., from the older device and adapt the information into the new device. This way, the user only have to initiate this synchronizing method between his or her new device and existing old devices, and all the information will be automatically transfered to the new device. The user experience would not have to involve awkward manual data synchronization and manual input anymore.

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