Friday, January 4, 2008

Here is a useful trick you can do to hopefully help in your daily life. It is based on ancient Chinese medicine and Qi-Gong theories, which I will explain later if I find the leisure to write about.

Many people have residue coughs. You may have allergies and sometimes has running nose and occasional coughs that the Doctors can never eliminate with their magic pills. You may be perfectly healthy all day and then suddenly get into a fit of coughs, and, after a while or like a few hours, the coughs go away.

I had to rely on strong cough drops to get rid of cough fits. Some time ago, my Tai-Chi master taught us about this theory I’m introducing here and I find that at least one of them work very well for me, for my coughs.

Take a deep breath, inhale with the nose, and exhale through the mouth while pronouncing “sssss…”, like the s sound in “sit”. Like a tire loosing air. Make it long. Repeat taking deep breaths with the same way.

If you have just started coughing, try to do the “ssss” breathing. After a few breaths, you may find that your coughing become even worse, like all the phlegm in your lungs suddenly overflowing your throat. Keep doing the “ssss” (between your cough), and then the coughing will go away suddenly.

Traditional Chinese theory said that the “ssss” sound harmonics with your lungs and makes the lungs vibrate. I guess the extra phlegm gets expelled from deep inside the lungs this way, which cures the coughs.

You don’t have to really make the “ssss” sound loudly; merely making the mouth shape and exhaling slowly without actually making the sound works as good.

No, this does not cure your allergies or cold. This is a simple “physical” exercise that you can do like jogging and stretching. Hope it helps you as good as it helps me.

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