Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting used to being laid-off

After getting laid-off the second time in my short career life, I got smart.  Be friendly with the boss, so that when he's considering the candidates for a lay-off, he lets you know.  Look everywhere for job opportunities all the time, so that you can start pulling threads when a job is needed fast.  Renew your Resume now and then, you may need it in the next minute.  I was very lucky this time so eventually the lay-off was like a short vacation for me and I was able to join another company immediately afterwards.

Now that I have came on board of the new job, I'm actually missing the unemployment days a little bit; no boss to push you around, having all the time in your life for your own (and your family).  Of course, you tend to ignore the survival problem you've faced, the extreme pressure to put food on the table for your most loved ones.

Perhaps I'd have to think real hard if I should keep on being a pure salary-man?

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